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The Helm Wheel came from the USS Tortuga LSD-26. It was mounted on the
bulkhead of Officers Wardroom on the LSD-46 on her commissioning date.
The in-cased Homeward Bound Pennant and the Plaque below it were donated to the
LSD-46 by CDR. Nelson C, Walton, Commanding Officer of the LSD-26, 1960-62. CDR.
Walton was given the Ship's Crest by his crew members when he left the LSD-26.
The Crest is mounted on a piece of teakwood taken up
from the decks of the "Battleship Wisconsin"


The decommissioned amphibious warship Tortuga, which survived combat
action at Korean beachheads and later as "mother" ship for Navy
raider boats in Vietnam, lists badly at pier 13 on the 32nd Street
Naval Station after taking on water. The 475-foot-long ship recently
had been used as a target vessel in exercises off Point Mugu.

A Navy spokesman said that either a repair patch failed to hold or a leak
developed in the port stern section of the ship, the apparent victim
of a crippling U.S. missile hit. The ship was being used off
shore as a target by the Pacific Missile Test Center.

The photos on the following pages were sent to me by
Mr. Todd Busch, Manager Contracts & Emergency Services.
Crowley Marine Services, Inc. Seattle, Washington.

Crowley Marine Services is the company that was contracted to salvage
the Tortuga after she was blown aground on San Miguel Island in 1987.
On behalf of all who may have the opportunity to view these rare photos,
we would like to thank Mr. Busch for his time consuming efforts on tracking
down these photos and sending them so they may be viewed by all.

Chuck Westbrook

Tortuga grounded on San Miguel Island.
(Note: Swell action & broken stern).

"Another View"

Tortuga with superstructure & stern section removed in
preparation to be towed to scuttle site.