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From Frank D. Woodruff

Starting our trip to Kent for the reunion it was great. We took our time and actually visited the United States the people and places. As we drove North from Salt Lake City and picked up I-84 thru Southern Idaho and into Central Oregon I was awed by the beauty of this country. The mountains, the Valley's and the Plains. We saw snow in the Mountains from Denver to Washington, Indeed it snowed in Denver the night before we arrived. From there it capped the mountains like a crown. Rivers like I have never seen, my God where have I been all my life to miss such a beauty. On Sept. 11,2001, will be another date, Dec. 7.1941, that I shall never forget.

We were in Oregon and it was still early in the morning, I was taking my early walk. Another walker told me about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. Of coarse the first thought that came to my mind was the plane that crashed into the Empire State building back in the forties. In our room I turned on the T.V. set as the other plane had struck. It was evident as to what was going on. To say it was a shock couldn't cover it. It was more like I had been violated and lost my innocent's and a burglar had entered my home and stole my property, my Freedom of safety. From that place in Oregon, I can't remember the town, it was news, news, news until we saw this Snow Capped Mountain in Washington. This beautiful Snow Capped Mountain drew us both as it seem to mesmerize us both and for a while we forgot the trouble's of this nation. It seem to represent the Great Power of this Country and we tried to put aside this evil that had come to us. Mt. Rainier Pure, White capped, Powerful and innocent. We turned off Highway I - 82 to State 12. Mt. St. Helen being our destination. I can't say the words to describe St. Helen. The trip to this great Volcano was rivers, mountains, small towns and friendly people, all Americans. We stayed overnight at a small town some where around Salkum. No Air conditioner clean rooms and clean fresh Air. They had a bird cage full of birds and a fish pond full of fish. When we arrived

In Kent we were a little worried that the reunion might have been canceled. The first person that I saw was Garcia. I hadn't seen him for over Fifty years. I was struck by the fact that he hadn't changed in appearance. We didn't have as many as we had hoped to have there but Joe Lee and Jack got with the USS Long Beach and pulled it together. The reunion turned out great, couldn't have found a better place. After the reunion it was for us the cruise. We saw the Great Glaciers and visited the small towns along the coast. We were all treated like royalty. I gained 15 LBS. to explain to my Heart Doctor. That whole trip was Great. We stayed at the same Hotel where we had the reunion at and the next day started for Missouri our home.

How can this trip so far be topped by driving home, but it was. FLAGS, FLAGS, FLAGS. Every one wanted to do something, so they put out Flags. Even seen one on a mountain top. Again Mountains, Rivers, Plains and every where we stopped Flags. Tears would come to our eye's, it's like a Giant had awoke and was flexing it's muscles. The whole country was awake. There were many places that we stopped at along the way, to many to talk about now. We did stop to see Custer's Last stand. A National Battle Ground and Cemetery run by Indians, I believe it was the Crow. Only in America. We also stopped by at Wall South Dakota. This is the place where a business gave away free ice water and enjoyed the business it created. To see this whole trip gave this old sailor a charge that was needed. And if I drive to Charleston South Carolina, where the next reunion is, I shall Lavish in the whole trip there and back. May the Blessings of GOD be on you all and give you Peace. And May GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Frank D. Woodruff
A Citizen of the United States
and Proud of It.

The Cruise, From Ranall Lange

Oh yes, the cruise. Alaska wasn't it? I remember that. The scenery was spectacular.
The weather wet and cold. All that stuff and more. I doubt I'll ever forget it!

Great accommodations, Entertainment, and FOOD!!! Seven days I don't ever expect see again.

The greatest thing about the whole experience was the people. LEES, HAMMONDS, WOODRUFFS, TOM & TAM, WAYNE ROWE, DAVID & MARTENA, and others. Also new friends and acquaintances from Australia, Canada, The United States.

The Langes