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(Tom’s Proposal)

ARTICLE II Corporation Office

: Corporation Office shall be the address of the Secretary as elected by the membership from time to time. Said address shall be recorded in appendix one (1) Addresses.


The purpose of the association shall be to promote the fellowship of our Shipmates. To remember all who served in U.S.S. TORTUGA (LSD 26) and those who have served or are serving in U.S.S. TORTUGA (LSD 46) in whom “The Turtles” developed stout and brave hearts. To remember the oceans and seas we and our shipmates have sailed and fought in them, and the many ports visited both foreign and domestic, always returning home victorious. To never forget those who have given their lives in defending our country. To further the understanding by America of the vital role played in defense of liberty by the LSD’s, both past and present, of our Amphibious Navy.

ARTICLE IV Management and Directorship:

The management and directorship of the association shall be vested in the survivors and alumni of the U.S.S. TORTUGA LSD 26 and U.S.S. TORTUGA LSD 46 and in the officers which the membership shall elect, and appointees which the President appoints from time to time. The Officer and Trustee positions to be held, by election in popular vote of the membership shall be as follows:

Vice President
Trustees (3)

Officers shall hold office for 2 years limited to 4 consecutive years after which 2 consecutive years must pass before the member may again serve in that position. Exception is the Vice President which shall serve as President Elect with the membership holding the right to retain the incumbent President by popular vote for a second term should they so desire without prejudice to the incumbent Vice President who shall automatically continue on in a second term as Vice President and retain the honor and obligation of serving as President Elect. Trustees shall serve 3 year terms with one new Trustee being elected each year. One year shall pass after a term as Trustee before the member may serve again as Trustee.

ARTICLE V. Duties of Officers/Appointees


The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association. He shall preside over (chair) and guide the association at all membership meetings. He shall provide leadership to the association during the period of his office. He shall select and appoint members as needed to the various Appointee positions from a slate of nominees/volunteers provided by the membership. With the assistance and guidance of the trustees he shall mediate and if necessary arbitrate over any problems that may arise concerning any of the membership or the association officers/appointees. In addition he shall initiate and maintain an ongoing correspondence by whatever means available to him with the Command structure of the LSD 46 to include at least Command Master Chief and/or C.O./X.O. (as permitted by those 2 individuals). The purpose being to keep the Officers and crew of LSD 46 aware of the association and to provide a channel for exchanging information that may be of interest to both parties. In the event of a death of an association member he shall contact the family and express the associations sorrow and offer Honorary Membership. He shall keep the Vice President informed of all actions/responsibilities concerning but not limited to the above duties of office. He shall determine the agenda for the annual business meetings.

Vice President:

The primary function of the Vice President is to step forward and assume the duties of the President at any time the President is unable to perform his duties due to illness/death/or other unavoidable absence. He shall keep himself informed at all times of Presidential actions/responsibilities in order to provide a smooth transition in the event it becomes necessary for the Vice President to assume the office of President. In addition the Vice President shall assist the President as needed to accomplish any Presidential duties or other projects from time to time as requested by the President.


The Secretary shall record and distribute to all Officers and Appointees (and members on request) the minutes of association business meetings and shall maintain a file of said minutes. He shall maintain a file of all association correspondence of an official nature and notify the President or other Officer/Appointee of any that requires their action, assign membership numbers to newly joined shipmates and sign and issue membership cards to all who are current in their membership contributions. He shall notify all Officers/Appointees and Keeper of the Roster of those new membership numbers.

4. Treasure:

The treasure shall maintain records of all finances of the association. He shall receive and deposit membership and other contributions in a bank account maintained for that purpose. He shall reimburse Officers/Appointees as needed for normal official expenses that may be incurred in their official duties. He shall maintain an up to date list of all members indicating current contribution status and provide copies to all officers/newsletter editor and keeper of the roster each quarter. He shall provide a financial statement each quarter to all Officers/Trustees including, but not limited to, funds brought forward, income, expenditures and fund balance. He shall give an annual financial report at the annual business meeting and have his books on hand for review.

Note: The offices of Secretary and treasurer may be held by one individual if the members determine by vote to be in the best interest of the association.


The Trustees shall maintain a close relationship with the President and monitor the activities and events of the association. They shall audit the finances of the association prior to turnover of records from incumbent to successor Treasurer upon election of new Treasurer or upon request by interested members. A report of each audit shall be filed in the association files.

Appointees: Appointees which the President shall appoint from time to time are as follows (listed in order of creation) They shall serve for a term of four years after which they may be re-appointed for another term if the appointee is willing. An exception is the Reunion Coordinator who shall serve for one year. The appointees are:

Reunion Coordinator
Newsletter Editor
Ship’s Store Custodian
Membership Chairman
Webmaster/Web-Page Editor

7. Duties of Appointees.

Reunion Coordinator:

The Reunion Coordinator is appointed by the President from volunteers/nominations from the members. He shall function in close communication with the Officers of the association. He plans the reunion ( see appendix for planning schedule) selects the Hotel, contacts tour companies and provides preliminary information in the Feb. newsletter to the members as to what attractions/tours are available for the membership to choose from. He reviews feed back from the members and selects the tours that have generated the most interest. He publishes this information in the form of a reunion invitation in the May newsletter along with final costs and a sign up sheet. In support of his efforts the Treasurer will provide “Start Up" funds which will be placed in a Reunion bank account. All Registration and sign up moneys received from members will be placed in this account and used for all reunion expenses. If at all possible the reunion should pay for itself and the “start up” funds or remaining portion be returned to the general fund. It is recommended that at least one past reunion coordinator be appointed to serve in an advisory capacity.


The Chaplain position does require some background in the field of Chaplianry or a Pastor of a Church. A Layperson may do so with the approval of the Officers of the Association. His duties will include: Conducting Remembrance Ceremony for deceased shipmates during the reunions, maintaining the deceased record file, offering prayers at special occasions upon request, Giving spiritual guidance to any member of the association upon request, offering and providing assistance to spouses of deceased members as needed, (all counsel will be confidential unless the person concerned gives permission to speak with others on the subject) performing other duties as requested and approved by the Officers of the Association including but not limited to Rituals and Ceremonials, or Communion if so desired. In addition he shall upon President’s request assist in any mediation proceedings.


Shall maintain the TORTUGA MEMORIES ALBUM and the TORTUGA REUNION ALBUMS with the assistance and contribution of all the members, inventory and maintain items donated by the membership such as pictures, papers, books/pamphlets, cruise books, wooden , ceramic or any other objects of historical value to the TORTUGA LSD 26 or 46, select and provide for display at the reunions items from his inventory including the MEMORIES & REUNION albums.

D. Newsletter Editor:

Edits and publishes the association newsletter which shall be called "The Turtle News and Views”. Newsletter will be published on a quarterly basis Feb, May, Aug, and Nov on 15th of the month and mailed to all former Shipmates whose names appear on the roster (funding permitting) if funding does not permit then to all that are in good standing. Reunion Announcement issue shall go to entire roster regardless of contribution or Good standing status. Deadline date to be determined by the editor. Inputs are desired from all officers and appointees. Any former crew member or Honorary member may submit items for publication in the newsletter, but the editor shall make the final decision as to content of each issue.

E. Ship’s Store Custodian:

Maintains an inventory of items of souvenir nature such as caps, shirts, reunion pins and any other item he seems worthy of including in his inventory. He provides them for sale to the members both at the reunion and by mail order. He shall be responsible to the Treasurer for financial accountability relating to the inventory, sales, and purchasing of items for his inventory.

F. Membership Chairman:

Shall actively seek and attempt to locate former crew members through whatever means available to him. He shall contact all who he locates or whose names are provided to him by members and send an “Initial Contact” package of information about the association and offer membership in the association. Upon acceptance by the newly located shipmate a second “Welcome Aboard” package shall be sent. (see content list of both packages in appendix) Initiation checks shall be forwarded to the Treas. for deposit. He may appoint an assistant who shall be “Keeper of the Roster”

G. Webmaster/Web Page Editor:

Shall produce and maintain a Web Site for the association. The site shall contain items about the TORTUGA’S 26 and 46. Items shall include but not be limited to historical, reunions, Officer/Appointee information, a visitors sign in location (quartermasters notebook) and inputs provided by members. The webmaster shall have the final decision as to the sites contents. The format of the site shall be at the discretion of the Webmaster. In addition he shall contact and maintain an ongoing communications with the 46 Webmaster as an additional means of exchanging information that may be of benefit to both the association and the 46.

(Note 1) Each of the above shall be responsible to the Treasurer for financial accountability relating to any expenditures of any kind incurred by their office.

(Note 2) Each of the above may appoint a committee to assist them in their duties.

ARTICLE VI Membership:

Regular: Anyone who served on board either of the Tortugas for any length of time in any capacity whatsoever is eligible for membership in the association. They shall be designated “Voting Members” if their membership contribution is current.

2. Honorary: Widows, parents, siblings, offspring of deceased shipmates are eligible for “Honorary Membership” if they so desire. They are not required to make membership contributions and shall have no voting rights. They are eligible to receive the newsletter, attend reunions and purchase Ship Store items. Upon request a copy of the memorial service tape including their beloved shipmates name will be provided them.

ARTICLE VII. Membership Contributions: Membership in the association shall require an initiation fee and an annual membership contribution thereafter in an amount to be determined periodically and set forth in the appendixes hereto by the membership during regular business meetings. Membership contributions shall be paid to the Treasurer and are due the first day of each calendar year in order to maintain “member in good standing” status.

ARTICLE VIII. Reunions/Meetings:

1. Reunions: shall be held annually on a date and at a location to be selected by the membership in attendance during the business meting. Date shall normally fall in Sept. but may be modified to comply with special events. Location shall normally rotate as follows: Eastern U.S., Central U.S., Western U.S. using boundary lines set by the membership. Reunions shall be dedicated to Tortuga Commanding Officers in the order in which they served

2. Meetings: Business meetings shall be held during the annual reunion for the purpose of discussing business and voting on items that may properly be brought before the membership in attendance and holding elections for those offices that may be open. A quorum shall be those members in good standing in attendance.

Roberts Rules of Order shall prevail at all meetings.

ARTICLE IX. Amendments:

Any amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws shall be made by the Association by a plurality vote of the eligible members either present during a regular business meeting or by mail vote if a mail vote is deemed by the membership to be appropriate to the business at hand.


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